Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another week gone by

Hi everybody. This past week I got a visit from Grammie and went to visit Poppa Cooper. Aunt Allison and Aunt Katie were at Poppa's house too. In fact, it was Aunt Katie's birthday! Grammie stayed with me while Mommy and Daddy went to see Earth. They came back talking about how good the movie was, but said there were some baboons that reminded them of me, and I don't think that's very cool. But Grammie and I had a good time and I am looking forward to spending a whole week with her next week!

At Poppa Cooper's we watched the draft together and I hung out in the kitchen with Poppa while he played Suzie Homemaker. It looked like a fun game and I can't wait to play it with him when I get older.

This week I should get to play more outside because the weather is getting nice. Mommy and I have been going on walks and sitting on the porch when it is warm and not raining.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Talk to you again soon.

Bye Everybody.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So much has happened

Hi everybody! Oh my goodness, so much has happened since my last post. I can't wait to tell you everything. First I want to let you know that Daddy is sorry he has not been able to help me update the blog this past week. He had a very busy week at work. But the good thing was he got to come home early yesterday and spend the afternoon with Mommy and me. It was a lot of fun, even though all we did was run errands. Just nice to be together.

Also I want to let you know that Daddy has uploaded more pictures and rearranged some pictures online. All of the pictures from my birthday to 3/17 are in the album linked on the right that says "Older pictures". The main album has all of the newest pictures, including the ones from Easter.

Easter in Danville was so much fun. I saw a lot of people, including, for the first time, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Larry, Courtney, Kendall, Demi, and Drew. They are a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get older and play with them. Popi bought a Wii and it was fun watching everyone play. I wanted to grab a controller and show them how its really done, maybe next time.

Also in Danville I got to go to The Beef House for the first time. I even tried a little bit of their famous strawberry jelly. Mmm, that was good. I heard Daddy talking to Gigi today and it sounds like we might be going back soon, I can't wait.

Yesterday I turned 3 months old! Can you believe it? Neither can Mommy and Daddy. In the past couple weeks I've been really happy and smiling a lot at Mommy, Daddy, and pretty much everyone. I've started reaching out and grabbing some of the things that are hanging on my play mat. There is a picture of me in the album grabbing onto Mr. Pig. Also, when we were in Danville, Daddy weighed me and I weighed 14 pounds! I am sleeping through the night most nights now. And I'm really going through the clothes. It is fun getting a new wardrobe every couple of weeks. I think Mommy is jealous.

Today it is super nice outside, so I think Mommy and Daddy are going to take me out for a while.

Bye everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visit to Poppa Cooper's

Hi everybody. I had a great visit at Poppa Cooper's house last weekend. Uncle Peter, Aunt Allison, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Joe were all there. Uncle Joe and I spent a lot of time hanging out on the couch watching horse racing. It was really fun. Poppa Cooper cooked ribs, chicken wings, and chicken dip for everyone. I can't wait until I'm old enough to try his chicken dip! And thank you Aunt Allison for the great outfit. I will wear it proudly.

This weekend I get to go to Danville again for Easter. I'll let you know about the visit when I get back. Bye for now.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny and New Pictures

Hi everybody. I went and visited the Easter Bunny on Thursday and got my picture taken. The "official" picture is below, but Mommy and Daddy took some others that are in the picture gallery. Daddy also uploaded some other new pictures from Grammie's visit and some cute ones Mommy took with her phone.

Tomorrow I get to go visit Poppa Cooper and I'm excited. And later today Mommy and Daddy are going to take me on a walk because it's actually kinda nice outside. I hope it gets warmer soon, I can't wait to play outside.

Here is the Easter Bunny picture. Bye for now.