Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doctor Appointment

Hi everybody!

My doctor appointment went very well yesterday. They gave me a new eye test to check for early signs of lazy eye. I passed the test, but apparently just the fact that I was able to finish the test was impressive. The doctor said that most kids that are 6 months old don't even finish the test because they get too fussy. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me for finishing the test like a big girl, and were extremely glad I passed.

The doctor was so happy to see me. She said I can move to stage 2 foods and she is still so surprised that I like standing up. She danced with me a little and checked me out all over. I got a clean bill of health. Then I got three shots, which really hurt. I do not like shots at all. But the good news is I do not have to get any more for 6 months.

Finally, here are my measurements from yesterday and the growth charts for me since I was born. Daddy can't figure out why the charts are spaced so far apart, sorry.

Weight - 17 lbs, 5 oz (75th %tile)
Height - 26.5" (76th %tile)
Head Circumference - 17.25" (84th%tile)

7/21/200917.316m 4d74.72
5/18/200915.314m 1d84.7
3/06/200911.191m 19d75.88

Weight Table

7/21/200926.56m 4d75.99
5/18/2009254m 1d78.15

Height Table


7/21/200917.256m 4d84.35
5/18/200916.254m 1d60.1

Head Circum

Talk to you again soon.

Bye everybody!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm at the doctor. All healthy, yay! Getting shots, boo :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's been going on

Hi everybody.

Its been almost 3 weeks since my last post. That is hard to believe. Boy the time really flies. I am going to be 6 months old on Friday! A half a year, shouldn't I get a half a cake? Can't blame a girl for trying.

Yesterday I went to the park for the first time. It was so much fun, and a beautiful day. Daddy and Mommy pushed me in the swing and Daddy took me down all of the different slides. I liked sliding with Daddy, but I didn't like it by myself. There was a birthday party going on, and the sister of the birthday boy gave me a pink balloon before we left. I had such a great time.

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend the week in Danville on the farm. Well, first Popi and Gigi came to visit. We went to the Botanical Garden on Sunday and saw all of the pretty flowers. It was a great weekend, and ended with Popi and Gigi driving Mommy and me back to Danville with them.

Then I got to spend the week on the farm visiting Grandpa John (Pop-Pop), Grammie, Sissy (Kristen), Frog, Jake, Braden, Tracy, and probably some others I can't even remember. Gigi took me to get my pictures taken at Sears too. Then Daddy finally showed up Friday night. Saturday was July 4th and we had a huge party at the farm. Close to 40 family and friends were there. Daddy cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill and there was tons of food that everyone brought. I got to meet so many new people and see so many people again, I couldn't even begin to name them all.

After lunch with Pop-Pop, Grammie, and Grandpa Brad; Mommy, Daddy, and I headed home. We stopped to visit Poppa Cooper on the way and I got to see Aunt Allison and Aunt Katie as well. Poppa Cooper was very happy because his horses had run well that whole weekend. But, of course, he was even happier to see me!

Speaking of me, what can I tell you about myself. I love rolling over now, and I do it quickly and constantly. I even rolled over in the bathtub the other night. I kept my face out of the water most of the time I was on my tummy, but eventually I dropped in there a swallowed a little water. That was no fun. Mommy and Daddy are just waiting for me to start crawling, and have started buying baby gates in anticipation of me being on the move. I weighed 17 pounds the last time I was in Danville. I have a 6 month doctor appointment coming up soon, so I'll be able to post the official measurements, including how tall I am. Mommy thinks I've grown a lot, and she is probably right.

I can't think of much else to say now. Talk to you all again soon.

Bye everybody!