Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Colts!

Hi Everybody!

It is Super Bowl Sunday and Mommy, Daddy, and I are all excited and ready for a Colts victory. Mommy made some great snacks and we are all ready for kickoff.

Since my last post we had my first birthday party and a lot of family and friends came to wish me a happy birthday. Mommy did a great job decorating our house for the party. There were balloons all over the place, and they have stayed up for the two weeks since the party. I really like them. I point to them all the time and say "Ba" or "Ba-ooo".

I had my one-year doctor appointment. I am 21 lbs (51st %tile), 30" tall (80th %tile), and have an 18 3/4" head (98th %tile).

Unfortunately, we all have started out the year getting sick, so I've been to the doctor a little more than Mommy and Daddy would like. This week I had Roseola, which really did not bother me all that much. Its almost gone now, and I hope that is the last illness for quite a while.

Swimming lessons are going really well. I am learning to pull myself out of the water and then jump back in, and I am getting better at kicking and splashing at the right times. I really like swimming. After my birthday party I went to the hotel Popi and Gigi were staying at and swam in their pool with them, Aunt Leslie, Courtney, and Kendall.

I am walking very well now, and usually choose walking over crawling. I have also realized what hugging means, and like giving loving hugs to Mommy, Daddy, and all my stuffed animals and baby dolls.

Well, the game is about to start so its time to get my game face on. Talk to you soon.

Bye Everybody!